Los Angeles, California, United States

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Please understand that I am a VIP Companion. While many people confuse VIP Companions and sex workers, the big difference is actually quite simple. As a VIP Companion I provide my time to be shared with you, not a sexual exchange for a free. What happens during our time together is between just the two of us, to do with as we choose. 

Please note that the people who attempt to associate sex with a free when communicating with me are people who work for government agencies, police departments, men seeking sex workers or pimps. All parties that I choose not to meet. 

Please do not talk about money or anything that alludes to sexual acts or make requests for sexual props by phone, email or text.  It may be interpreted as a solicitation and/or attempt at entrapment – and I will be forced to end all communications immediately.


Please leave donation in an unsealed envelope on the counter in the restroom. If we meet in a public setting place my donation in an item of your choice. Do not hand me or discuss my donation at any point in time..  Good hygiene is a must so feel free to excuse yourself to the restroom to freshen up after our introduction, if you have not already done so.  Please respect my wishes for no discussion of negotiating donations.   * I have the right to terminate any engagement without refund if I feel my safety is at risk.

Please be sure I receive my donation within the first 5 minutes of meeting Never make me go out of the way to have to ask for my donation. It will ruin the mood Hygiene is very important to me. Please make sure you are cleaned up and fresh when we meet. I understand during the day you may be very busy. So please take a few minutes to freshen up in the bathroom.


My safety is very important to me. So please be willing to provide one of the following options before meeting for safety precautions.

Reference Request: I ask that you provide two references (name, website and email) from independent providers you have seen in the past six months. I understand this may not be an option for everyone so you may also provide employment verification.

Employment verification: Please fill out the contact form on my website. As well as provide a copy of your photo ID, the name of your employer, a link to a public profile such as LinkedIn or Facebook (name must match photo ID.)